e-Prim is a Western Australian company, formed in 1999 by senior Information Services (IS) professionals with extensive experience from Information technology projects in Australia, UK, USA and Asia; e-Prim attracts quality resources by reputation as a company that lives and works by its values.

We offer a portfolio of services at competitive rates that cover the entire Information Services spectrum. Including the establishment, development, implementation, management, maintenance and support of Core business applications, web based e-Business application systems, database systems and infrastructure integration and support.

e-Prim provides local WA people supporting the local WA economy and IT industry.
e-Prim works to grow its client base by retaining customers by providing proven quality services and attracting new customers based on our growing reputation for quality service. For customers knowing they can call on a proven provider reduces their risk when outcomes have to be achieved.

Since formation, the company has grown year on year attracting a range of experienced professional and technical personnel.
e-Prim has been engaged long term to several large WA Government organisations for both application and infrastructure support.

Why e-Prim?

  • Value for money and quality resources.
  • A ‘locally’ recruited team, all highly skilled and matched to your requirements.
  • A proven track record in the placement of skilled resources and delivery of large Projects in Western Australia
  • Strong Contract Management skills, evidenced by the successful implementation of large Projects throughout Western Australia.
  • Quicker resolution of project and contractual issues, resulting from a flat management and decision-making structure – with ‘no middle man’.
  • One Organisation – One Solution – and Total System Performance Responsibility (TSPR) for complete control over project staff
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e-Prim takes a collaborative approach with its customers for outcome delivery, seeking to build a trusted ongoing partnership. The basis being e-Prim providing quality with good value for money.e-Prim believes in creating and remaining a trusted partner with its customers, where honest IT advice and help is provided.

For each customer we

  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards;
  • Are committed to providing quality and experienced resources;
  • Support and help customers achieve their goals; and
  • Work with honest and integrity.