Client 1

e-Prim Personnel have always displayed a high level of skill and expertise. e-Prim’s resource capacity has never been an issue for the Department.

e-Prim’s services have always met the Department’s business requirements and expectations to a high level. They have always displayed a willingness to work with the Department to address budget and operational challenges.

The Department has always had a positive experience/relationship with e-Prim. They have always demonstrated flexibility and dedication in their approach to service provision.

Client 2

e-Prim personnel have always met the Department’s expectations. A range of personnel with differing skill levels have been presented for consideration and e-Prim have worked closely with the Department to align their personnel’s skills with those required for each project.

In addition e-Prim have provided regular performance feedback to the personnel in conjunction with Department input which provides an opportunity for those staff to reflect and improve over time. Training has been provided by e-Prim where required to improve the skills of staff already placed within projects.

The organisation’s representatives have been very responsive to the needs of the Department and are willing to discuss issues and improvements as required.

No significant problems have arisen with the organisation. Personnel have been well managed and any issues that have arisen have been dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Client 3

e-Prim has demonstrated excellence in their field with outstanding results and attention to detail. If you have a problem/project, e-Prim can resolve it in a timely manner with exceptional personal and skills. I would thoroughly recommend e-Prim.