Case Studies


e-Prim has provided a range of services to the Patient Administration System (PAS) Program, ranging from Data Migration Management, Oracle DBA and Technical Services.

The PAS program is a $110M program which at its peak engaged in excess of 100 staff on the PAS Team which is comprised of e-Prim resources, CSC resources, DoH resources and other contracting staff, giving evidence of e-Prims’ ability to work as a ‘blended team’. A number of these services have been provided since 2010.

e-Prim currently provides Project Management services and Business Analysis services to the Perth Childrens’ Hospital (PCH) project and until recently a Microsoft Sequel Server DBA. The former being for aspects of the toolset upgrade project and the latter in reviewing the structure of the Learning Management System (LMS)

e-Prim previously provided Program Management and Business Analysis services to DoH as part of the PAS Programme when these services were required. e-Prim also provided an Oracle DBA services to the Alesco project.


e-Prim is providing Project Management, Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Database Administration, Configuration Management, Software Developers, Test Managers and System Testing across a range of projects. A number of these services have been provided over a 15 year period.

With DoT, staff worked on systems associated with the collection of revenue for licensing of vehicles and drivers licenses. This money is collected through various channels including counter and web-based debit-credit card collection systems.

At this site, e-Prim staff were instrumental in delivering projects that saw the extension of services to Australia Post outlets and the associated collection and distribution of collected funds.

With DoT, e-Prim was required to transition out a number of staff from different organisations to work under the umbrella of e-Prim. This was accomplished with ease such that all the individuals now recognise themselves as e-Prim consultants.


e-Prim is providing ongoing infrastructure support and maintenance services to support the delivery of core applications such as the Connect Project, Identity Governance, Directory Services, Access Management, Content Management, Department Portal and the Professional Learning systems.

e-Prim has been performing these services since 2006.


e-Prim provided ongoing Technical Architecture services to a number of projects including Water Police Radio and the Advanced Traffic Management Vehicle (ATMV) project.